Back to School

We got a letter from Silas’s 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hooper. It’s really almost back to school time here.

Orientation night is Tuesday, September 2. First day, September 3.

On September 3, I’m going to the first meeting of a team of volunteers who are going to be doing a nature science program at the school. It’s not a new program, but it’s the first year I’ll be involved. Once a month we’ll go into classrooms and do some supplemental science teaching.

The school is also looking for a new computer science teacher this year. I have none of the state mandated education or teaching certificates to apply for the job, but I’m thinking about offering to volunteer to do some work with the kids until they find someone.

When Silas was in first grade, I was the classroom parent. Nobody else volunteered. That was in Glens Falls. Parents at this school seem to be a lot more active at the school, but I haven’t been. I kind of miss it.

This year, it’ll be back to school for me, too.

WordCamp Providence

I’ll be attending yet another WordCamp! Providence, September 26-27.

This time, my schedule allows me to be there for the contributor day on Friday.

See you there.

Switched at Birth?

We had to go out into the woods last night and retrieve the camper.

He enjoyed it so much that he was invited and wanted to spend a second night out in the wilderness.

He has other things he needs to do here at home, though.

We went out to their campsite at nine. We took some s’mores-making ingredients and sat around the campfire with them for a half hour before loading him into the car and bringing him home. He fell asleep in the car on the way back. Then he slept in his sleeping bag on the floor.

We always suspected that he might have been switched at birth.

Somewhere there’s a kid out there whose parents want to go, go, go. Outdoorsy, sportsy, active types who are wondering why their kid is such a couch potato.

iCaspar Is Back

I’ve started posting occasionally again on

Last week I rolled a new WordPress theme for the site. Just the bare essentials. It’s a Zen thing.

It’ll be where you’ll find most of my stuff about code from here on.

I still plan to finish out the year of posting once a day here.

As always, topics will vary.

Camping and Not Camping

Silas has gone camping tonight.

It’s his first real camping trip. He’s with friends out in the wilderness in a tent with a campfire.

It’s an experience he’d never have if it weren’t for friends who camp. God knows, Brooke and I would never volunteer for it.

We went camping once. Someone in Brooke’s church (several assignments back) invited us to spend a few days in their RV at an RV campground in Vermont.

It was awful. I hit my head on a low ceiling in the RV fifteen minutes after we got there. I wanted to go home. I might have cried.

I get that camping in a tent is different. I’ve done that, too. It was once part of my job as a Pastor to take a group of kids camping once every summer. Smelling like smoke and sleeping on hard uneven ground just isn’t fun in my book. Inevitably it rains when I go camping.

I hope Silas is having more fun tonight than I would be having if I were camping. Really, I do.

Because we’re having fun not camping.

Brooke and I saw our first non-animated movie in a movie theater in 11 years. Then we had dinner. It was real nice.

And now I get to go to bed. In a bed.

Can’t beat that.

We have good friends.


There are a few blogs I read regularly.

I use an RSS feed reader, Feedly, to keep track of when they post so I don’t miss when they post something new.

A few of these blogs have multiple contributors. But I read most of these blogs because I want to know what the blog’s author is thinking.

One of those bloggers started “delegating” his blogging to his staff a couple weeks ago.

Bummer. Now instead of reading what he’s thinking about, I’m reading what his staff is thinking about.

I’m sure his staff are all nice people. Nothing against them personally. But frankly, I don’t care what his staff is thinking about.

I’ve stopped following that blog. Too bad.

All the “leadership” books talk about the importance of delegating.

What they forget is that sometimes the whole point is doing something yourself.

Summer’s End

We’ve noticed that the leaves are starting to turn.

Temperatures this week have been hovering between the 50s and 60s.

Summer is on the way out.

Was nice while it lasted.


Today Sunday Epidemic is 8 months old.

With a post every day, this is the 245th post.

After all this time, it’s still a little like Seinfeld. It’s not about anything.

Unfortunately, it’s not as funny as Seinfeld.

Criminal Record

I have a criminal record now.

Last June I bought a new car.

This year I completely forgot that even new cars need an annual inspection. Then, on July 10 on the way home from grocery shopping, the state police had a road block set up along Route 86. Because they don’t have anything better to do than harass people during tourist season. It’s not like there’s any real crime going on anywhere in the State of New York.

The inspection was 10 days overdue. So officer BM McCormick (no joke, his name on the ticket is BM — as in “Bowel Movement”) gave me a ticket. Maybe he’s got an attitude because his parents gave him a bad name. I don’t know. I’m not a psychologist, and I don’t even play one on TV.

In 30 years of driving, it was my first ticket. It said that I could mail it back with a plea of guilty or not guilty. Or I could show up in court. By way of an honest mistake I found myself on the wrong side of the law.

Yesterday was my court date.

I had a conference with the Assistant District Attorney. When I explained the situation, she agreed to dismiss the case. For which I was grateful.

So the case was dismissed “in the interest of justice,” as the judge put it. He added, and I should add here, that “we don’t usually dismiss these, because it would give people an incentive to never do the inspections.” I suspect it was also his way of saying that he wouldn’t dismiss it if I showed up in his courtroom again next year.

Maybe I don’t exactly have a criminal record.