Funeral Reunion

The last of my grandparents died a couple weeks ago. She was 98.

The memorial service is this Saturday in Vermont. The rest of the family is in Ohio.

My two brothers and my sister are driving here tomorrow. We’ll cross the lake to spend the day there for the service.

I think this will be the first time that all of us will be together in the same house without our parents there since they used to leave me in charge — I’m the oldest — while they went out to the symphony. I was probably 15 then.

There is much ado about getting the house clean for the occasion. Dog hair must be vacuumed. Cat litter must be changed. A path must be cleared through the legos on the floor.

I keep coming back to, “These people were not so neat and clean when I used to live with them.”

2 thoughts on “Funeral Reunion

  1. Don’t break your back for us! After all, we need you to save your energy for the rager we’re gonna throw!

  2. Stop the madness! I can’t speak for the other two….but I will…when I say we will all feel at home in a dog hair, cat poop, and toy filled house! And, that thing that Seth said. 🙂

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