My Other Dog Is Going to Pets for Vets

We have been providing a temporary home for a dog rescue group since last May.

Last week, after a disappointing meeting with a potential permanent family for him, we got another call from Pets for Vets.

They’re interested in taking Yogi, giving him a couple months 1-on-1 training and sending him out to a combat vet.

Here’s the idea:

(PTSD Trigger warning – video contains intense combat-related material.)

Suits him.

We’ve never had a dog as loving and licking.

As soon as they figure out which of their vets is the best match, it looks like he’ll be off to his new life.

Happy ending.

4 thoughts on “My Other Dog Is Going to Pets for Vets

  1. This is awesome! I’m so happy for Yogi, his new vet pal, and you guys. Sorry to hear about Henry’s troubles though. I hope the vet has some insight. If not, you might try a veterinary behaviorist (although those are probably pricier than you’d want to bother with).

    • Looks like Yogi will start his new life on Saturday. We’re going to try drugs first. Not sure if maybe I’ll be the one taking them.

  2. That’s great, best wishes to him – I’m just sorry I didn’t get to meet him before he left.
    I’m excited because the training center where I’m working is going to be hosting the Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy raisers classes for the next several months. I’m hoping to get a chance to participate and learn all about it.

    • As it turns out, you might get to meet him after all. We got an email today that they’re not ready for him yet.

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