One of Silas’s friends is coming over tonight for a sleepover.

They want to build a fort in the living room using the dining room chairs and whatever blankets they can find in the hall cabinets. Then they want to sleep in it.

We’re also doing caramel apples. And probably a movie.

We’ll probably let them sleep in the fort. It’s actually easier to clean up the living room than to clean Silas’s room. When his friends come over his room always ends up a major disaster area. Legos get spilled out onto the upstairs hallway where we step on them in our bare feet. Then we say ouch. At least, Brooke and I do.

Legos in the hall aside, Silas’s friend is a good kid. All of Silas’s friends are good kids. We lucked out.

3 thoughts on “Sleepover

  1. I remember the days of building forts when my girls were little and yup we had sleepovers under them too. Fun part of childhood!

  2. Playing fort! That goes up there on the list with flying kites as something that I would do again, as an adult. Fun.

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