Up at 6:52

I and the dog and the three cats did launch the website.

I’d say tomorrow we’d sleep in. But the dog and the three cats will wake me up no later than 6:52 demanding to be fed, and in the dog’s case to be let out in the yard to pee.

Then I will make cream of wheat and think of what we can do other than sit around and watch power rangers all day.

One thought on “Up at 6:52

  1. You are making our lives sound dreadfully boring.
    It’s not our lives are a steady diet of LEGOS, Disney Pixar movies, re-reading the Wimpy Kid Diary for the hundredth time, driving to/from piano lessons, chaperoning class trips to look at pond scum.
    Oh wait, that is our lives!
    I think we need a vacation.
    How about I take you someplace nice and warm?

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