Yogi’s Home

After a year and four months, Yogi finally found his forever home this afternoon.

I'm new to responsive design for my clients. I would like to clean up the source code on a Responsive Design website that exists and get rid of any unnecessary CSS or JS. Would also require you to teach me why you would strip something and I would do it myself. No FTP access would be permitted and would strictly be hired for me to be trained on this one design to utilize over and over again for more clients, if I ever get any. Business is slow right now, so I have time to do this now and not later, so you should be available pretty soon to get started. My source code is borrowed from others and I believe there's a bunch of needless coding in it that can be gotten rid of. I don't want to keep using the same coding, even though it works, if it's slowing down anything.   I will not accept an hourly rate that will kill my pocketbook. My clients are cheap and I only charge them $25 per month for maintenance. Hiring someone would be on how cheap and fast we can do this. If it's too much money to clean up and just want to make a basic template for me to start working from with new clients, that would be fine too and might cut some time down. No need for a design, just DIV's on blank white background is fine with me. Extensive CSS needs to be EASY not extensive. As you will see, mine are too extensive and a lot of styles are not needed, but I delete them and the website breaks....hence, needing someone experienced at this.  I know nothing about PHP coding, so this is all HTML; however, I am converting a php client to responsive design which includes a database, so would like you to be experienced with such things as a go-to person for my every need in the future when I start back on finishing up their pages. It is a non-profit ministry that I do not charge any fees, so it can't be one of these high dollar programmers. I'm a stay at home mom who just needs a little bit of help now and then.  Especially need training and know how of when to use these and how (see below coding). Nothing I've read about these makes any sense and I've stripped it off of the website but feel I need it. They don't have any users below IE 9 yet, but some other clients could have in the future, so I just want to know how to use these in baby steps, nothing like how they talk on Stack over flow who assumes we must know it all, as they speak.He has a fenced in back yard, a Lhasa Apso to play with, and two ladies who will love him.

Happy ending.

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  1. This is great news! Congratulations on the new home Yogi. Where is the like button on this blog!

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